Referral Program

This is a very unique program where you can earn great rewards for forwarding the CV’s of your relative, friends etc whom are looking for jobs for the below positions and who have desired experience on their domain. For every CV you’ll forward us, we will give you points and each points denote 1 INR. Once we will receive any CV, we will cross check it and if we find it genuine we will get back to you with a week from receiving the CV and then we can discuss the other details.  


Below you can find the reward points you will get for each positions you will send the CV’s.

*1 Bonus Point = 1 Indian Rupees

*Principal / Dean/ Medical Superintendent = 10 points

Medical college Professors (All medical Branches)   ) = 10 points

Medical College Associate Professors (All medical Branches)   = 8 points

Medical College Assistant professors   (All medical Branches)    = 6 points

Principal / Nursing Superintendent/ Nursing College = 6 points

Super specialty Doctor / Consultants:  8 points

Specialty Doctors: 7 points

MBBS Doctor: 6 points

BAMS/ BUMS Doctor:  4 points

Trained/ Experienced Degree / GNM Nurses: 3 points

Trained/ Experienced   Medical Technicians: 3 points

*Terms & Conditions apply. All rights reserved.

Company will check authenticity of uploaded CV if any false information found. Company will not give bonus points.

Company have right to alter/ increase/ decrease Bonus points against each post without any prior notice.


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