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About Shyban medical job 

Shyban medical job.com launched from the desire to help physician groups, Medical Colleges, Hospitals and Healthcare companies in search of the best and brightest clinical talent available. In light of the current shortage of qualified physicians, nurses and providers, it’s even more challenging for employers to find and secure the top-quality medical staff they need.

Our job, quite simply, is to match them up as efficiently and affordably as possible.

By developing partnerships that are synchronized to meet client needs, Shyban acts as an extension to your hiring team. Our strategy is to customize each opportunity, providing a path to better outcomes for healthcare organizations, and superior career options for the medical staff who run them.

Shyban collaborative and open communication model facilitates teamwork both with our clients and our candidates. Not only does this recruitment process yield superior results, it’s a lot more enjoyable along the way.

Our Ideal 

Late. Smt. Shyam Lata Gaur


Late. Shri Banvari Lal Gaur

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